Happy Holidays From Cygnus

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Happy holidays, agents!

We have received an invitation for you from Director Matthews for the annual Cygnus “Research” holiday party. Click the invitation above to open an animated invitation and listen to the new Cygnus holiday jingle!

For your convenience, the message is also copied below:

You’re invited to attend the annual festive party at Cygnus Research! Keep in mind, by attending you agree to the usual waivers and disclaimers. You have been warned!

– Director Matthews

RSVP ASAP at http://bit.ly/CodenameCygnus

We’ve also received a transmission, directly from Cygnus with a bit of what to expect when you arrive. Listen below!

Happy Holidays, agents.

Holiday Surprise! Episode 8 – Holiday Party – Now Available!

Cygnus-HolidayGreat news, agents!

Episode 8 of Mission 1 is now available for all agents of Cygnus on iOS!

We’ve been teasing this episode since we announced that Episode 7 was available, and we’re beyond excited to give our players a gift this holiday season.

As a gift to our fans, once you download the new 1.3.1 update for Codename Cygnus on iTunes, all players regardless of their ownership of Mission 1 or progress through the game will be able to jump into this experimental new episode!

Again. all players regardless of their ownership of Mission 1 or game progress can play the Holiday party episode! 

Holiday Party is the first episode our new Chief Creative Officer, Dave Grossman, has designed and written for Codename Cygnus. The episode is also completely different from anything we’ve ever done.

Jump in to last year’s holiday party at Cygnus and try to be the last agent of the night standing. There are unique choices, leading to three different successful endings. Be careful though, someone might just slip something into your drink!


As a fun addition, we’ve also added a few new achievements to Codename Cygnus on Game Center relating to this new episode.

We hope you have as much fun playing through Episode 8 as we did creating it. There’s more coming soon, agent.

From the entire team at Reactive Studios, happy holidays!

Have you played through Episode 8 already? Which endings did you get, and how many tries did it take for you to get there? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook!

Episode 7 – Signum Cygni – Now Available!

Cygnus-Holiday Good day, agents! We have very exciting news for you, so listen up!

Today, we’ve released Episode 7, Signum Cygni, for Codename Cygnus on iOS. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, has you escaping a perilous situation as a former threat resurfaces.

Episode 7 relies heavily on your previous decisions as a Cygnus agent. The new episode brings in four completely distinct branches of story.

Did you take Alexander’s or Matthews’ advice about the bomb in the Consulate? Are you a more athletic agent than clever? These choices and more help shape your experience and outcome in Signum Cygni!

Additionally, Episode 7 features Billy Nichols from the Structure Gaming Network as the voice actor for Agent Rhodes!

Agents looking for a tease of Episode 7 can listen to the teaser trailer we released two weeks ago below:

The release of the new episode ties in with a brand new update for Codename Cygnus we released just over a month ago. The update brought universal support for both iPhone and iPad, as well as a handful of changes to the agent profile screen, and a dynamic visual presentation of your agents stats.

Episode 7 isn’t the end of new content for Codename Cygnus. We’ll have something more festive for you very soon. Even spy organizations have get togethers around the holidays..

That’s all for now agents! Be sure to continue monitoring our blog and social media channels for more information in the coming weeks.

– Agent Mudry

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Codename Cygnus Featured In The Appstore Under Spy Games!

Attention Cygnus agents! Yesterday, in addition to some interesting news about about our friendly MI-6 agent 007 and his longstanding conflict with SPECTRE, we received good news.

Codename Cygnus is now featured by Apple in international app stores under the category Spy Games! Download it now at http://bit.ly/DownloadCygnus and prepare for the newest episode of Mission 1, Signum Cygni. Agents in the field have explained that the next objective requires you to “Escape a perilous situation as a former threat resurfaces.” Any opinions on what that former threat could be?

Spy Games Feature

Dave Grossman Joins Reactive Studios + Coverage Roundup!

We’re excited to announce that Dave Grossman, classic LucasArts Adventure Game Designer and former Director of Design and Writing at Telltale Games is now the Chief Creative Officer at Reactive Studios.

What exactly will Dave be working on at Reactive Studios, you ask?

Dave will be joining the team to lead content development and provide creative direction for Codename Cygnus and other upcoming interactive audio stories for Reactive Studios.

Dave Grossman will lead the content development efforts and provide creative direction for Codename Cygnus and other interactive audio stories for Reactive Studios.

“I’m looking forward to exploring the uncharted waters of interactive audio and establishing principles for a new storytelling medium,” said Grossman. “The narrative design challenges are unique and intriguing and there’s a lot of fun to be had here, for me and the audience both.”

“Over the past year we have developed a new system for the rapid creation and episodic distribution of interactive audio stories,” said Jonathon Myers, CEO of Reactive Studios. “Dave is both an interactive narrative design veteran and a pioneer of episodic story release cycles in the video game industry. He’s the perfect person to embrace our technology and take charge of the creative content aspects of our pipeline.”

We’re extremely excited to have Dave Grossman as a part of our team, leading the future of Codename Cygnus and our upcoming interactive audio stories!

Coverage Roundup

The news of Dave joining the team has been shared on many different websites across the last week. Below are some links to lengthy interviews and articles about the news.

IGN did a lengthy interview with Dave regarding his new position on the team. You can read the interview over on IGN here: www.ign.com/articles/2014/11/18/dave-grossman-joins-reactive-studios-as-chief-creative-officer 

Polygon also did an interview with Dave! Check it out: www.polygon.com/2014/11/21/7256505/dave-grossman-reactive-studios

We even got a great mention from a moderator on the Double Fine Games forums! http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/10150/P2880/#366718 

Additionally, VentureBeat, GameIndustry.biz, Show Me The Games, and Develop-Online.net wrote about the big news!

That’s all for now, agent!

Before you go though, don’t forget to let us know what you would like Dave Grossman to do with interactive audio dramas, like Codename Cygnus? Leave a comment below!

Codename Cygnus Update 1.3 Released for iOS

Good afternoon agents!

A new update for Codename Cygnus has rolled out to the App Store. This new update brings a hefty amount of changes to improve your experience with Codename Cygnus.

To start off, we’ve added universal support for Codename Cygnus across both iPhone and iPad! The game will now run natively on both of those devices.

For agents obsessed with their in-game stats, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve made a few changes to how they’re displayed. We now show your agent’s stats as you are playing through an episode. As you make decisions, you’ll see your stats dynamically update on the screen.

codename-cygnus-v13-stats codename-cygnus-v13-agent-profile

In addition to displaying your stats directly inside an episode, we’ve also tweaked the Agent Profile screen and changed how it looks.

Finally, we’ve made a few preparations for the new content we announced a few weeks ago. Episode 7, Signum Cygni, is on the way and will be released soon!

Go ahead, check out the new update, and let us know what you think of it! Snap a screenshot of your stats in-game and tweet them to us to have a chance of your agent profile and stats being featured on our blog!

More content on the way!

We know how eager you are for more of the intense adventures in the Cygnus universe. And we can&;t overlook that!

Episode 7 is all produced and scheduled for release after the Android launch and iOS updates. What&8217;s more, you&8217;ll have access to it automatically, at no extra cost, in case you already purchased Mission 1.

While the Cygnus spy thriller will continue to be enriched with new content, could you please help us out and tell us: what other genres would you like to see us create an interactive radio drama for? 

Let us know here, on Twitter or on our Facebook page!


Photo credits: 7 by Korrey, used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

You’ll soon be able to enjoy Codename Cygnus seamlessly on all your Apple devices!

In one of our recent posts, we were mentioning that our Android app will be released this autumn. Well, what&;s next?

For all of you Apple fans out there, Codename Cygnus will soon after also launch as a universal iOS app, with better support for iPad.

This will enable you to easily switch in between devices without worrying about anything else. Cygnus will automatically adjust to your device&8217;s specificity,  yet you&8217;ll also get to enjoy a unitary interactive audio experience across all your Apple devices.

Fill out our survey and get the chance to win a prize!

Take the Codename Cygnus survey

You‘re the reason why we’re continuously trying to improve Cygnus and we believe you‘re the best to guide us through the process. That’s why we would be grateful if you answered a few questions for us by clicking the link above if you played at least one episode of Codename Cygnus. We&;re releasing this survey in order to better understand who plays Cygnus, why, and in what ways. 

All participants who complete the survey will enter a raffle with a chance to win either free unlimited access to all current and future Codename Cygnus episodes or a $15 Amazon Gift Card. The results are tallied anonymously and you only need to provide your email if you‘re interested in prize eligibility.


Photo credits: A surprise gift by Kristina Alexanderson, used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0